2022 End of Year Project Update

Happy New Year!!  2022 was a very busy year for the Board of Directors in planning and preparing background for 2023 projects.  The following is a recap of what we have accomplished and projects you should see in the coming year:

2022 End of Year Project Update 

  • Rudy Welch GA Terminal / KFLY Transient Ramp: (MLAA funds) 
    • Hangar door … door was repaired & outside sheathing was upgraded
    • Trees … dead wood & limbs were removed
    • Fencing … 6 foot chain link is being installed along Judge Orr Rd from the runway fence to the Red Barn … 4 foot fence is being installed around the expanded vehicle parking lot at the FBO/GA terminal
    • Parking lot … the “land side” vehicle parking lot is being expanded (with the left over asphalt millings from the 2019 runway project) to accommodate the significant increase in traffic
    • Transient Ramp … reconstruction is currently planned (with FAA/CDOT grants) for two phases (2024 & 2026).  2024 is also our regular scheduled runway maintenance.
  • Runway End Identifier Lights (REILs): (FAA/CDOT grants)  Electrical Excellence was awarded the contract in Sept and completed the in-ground construction in Oct.  Lighting equipment is expected in January and the system is planned to be activated with the GPS approaches.


  • Instrument Approaches Procedures (IAPs): (FAA grant)  Design of the GPS approaches and an Obstacle Departure Procedure is currently in progress, and publication is now scheduled for April 20. (with a “promise” not to delay them further).  As part of the IAP publication, the turf runway will be redesignated 16G-34G (per FAA request).


  • Snow Removal Equipment (SRE): (FAA/CDOT grants)  Hammers Construction has been awarded a contract to construct a new SRE maintenance and storage building on the west side … construction summer 2023.
    • Special Events / Overflow Transient Ramp … expansion planned (with FAA/CDOT grants) for 2028 (or 2030)


  • Ground Support Equipment (GSE) Storage: (MLAA funds)  The steel frame of an old dairy pole barn was purchased in 2021, with the intent to erect it as a storage barn for our support equipment.  We have 21 vehicles and misc equipment now.


  • Meadow Lake Soaring Center: (ground leases, after the County 1041 is approved … the lessees will be responsible for construction of their own facilities)
    • Falcon AeroLab:  currently developing plans to design and construct an “Aviation Center of Excellence” STEM high school for their rapidly expanding youth aviation program (powered, unpowered, aircraft maintenance, UAS, cyber)
    • High Flights Soaring Club:  developing plans for a storage and maintenance facility for their club aircraft (gliders & tow plane)
    • Soaring Eagle Foundation:


  • Runway 15-33 North-end Runway Protection Zone (RPZ): (FAA/CDOT grant)  We are working with McDonald Paving (the new KOA campground) to split off the 5-acres at the north end of the runway (between Judge Orr & Rt 24), and use an FAA grant for the purchase.


  • Rt 24/Judge Orr Road intersection: CDOT has indicated that they will be awarding a contract in 2023 for the redesign of the intersection and the roads leading up to it.  2023 might also include land acquisition for construction in 2024.  This will probably result in a rerouting of the Judge Orr and Blue Gill approach to the intersection.  We will be working with the design team.


  • Old Red Barn: The Board of Directors is pleased to announce that we are in discussions with the owners of the “the old Red Barn” property to have the MLAA purchase the property.  Our intent is to use the modular office structure for Airport/Association administration and the barn as a vehicle/equipment maintenance facility.  The lot could also be a possible location for the GSE storage shed.  There will be a Special Meeting of the MLAA to discuss and vote on a proposal and funding if a satisfactory agreement is negotiated.


  • Cessna Drive Gate: The driver that destroyed the Cessna Drive access gate pled guilty to careless driving on Dec 30th and has agreed to pay full restitution ($46,148).  We’ll see?  The new gate is on order and should be available in Feb-Mar.


  • MLAA Hangar Complex:  
    • Based Aircraft Inventory:  Thank you for your cooperation.  This year’s “census” deleted 45 and added 62, for a new total of 478 based aircraft.  Note: Very few GA airports have more than 200.  And of course, if you have a vacancy, an updated Hangar Wait List is attached.
    • New Construction:  We are aware of several new construction projects that have made their way thru the County/Regional Building process and may see construction in 2023.  Finally, some new hangars for the 62 aircraft on the waiting list. J
    • Security:  The Cessna Drive gate should be reinstalled soon (hopefully Feb/Mar?).  Our insurance covered $40K and we’ve asked the court for restitution of the remaining $6+K.  We have heard (thru rumor) that there have been several fuel thefts (airplane & vehicle) and attempted forced entries to hangars.  Please keep your eyes and ears open and report incidents to us (as well as El Paso County Sheriff’s Office).  We are exploring appropriate counter measures.
  • El Paso County coordination:
    • 1041 permit:  A resubmittal was made in Sept (#7) and County review indicated a total redirection our application.  Submission #8 is pending with an application for construction projects ON the airport vs the prior emphasis of our master plan and compatible land use planning around the airport.  That will follow (we hope).
    • Meadow Lake Industrial Park:  We are not aware of any additional developments since the BoCC determination that heavy (as well as light) industrial zoning was acceptable on the SE side of the airport.  We will keep all informed when appropriate support is needed.
  • MLAA “Planner of Record” and “Engineer of Record”. Every five years, we are required to renew our “Planner of Record” and “Engineer of Record” for FAA funded projects.  Jviation, Inc was renewed in 2018 as our Engineer, but we did not select a Planner at that time.  Public Notice was made for Statements of Qualifications (SOQs) and we are in the process of reviewing them.  Selection will be made at the Board of Directors meeting in January.

Best Wishes & Blue Skies for the coming year,