Q2 2023 Updates

Greetings.  I know this email is lengthy, but it has been a busy quarter.  As an example, here is brief recap of some of the extra events of the past month:

Jun 3-14    AGF/SkyTEM aerial survey.  Media Day presentation (Jun 8th) at KFLY.  We served as host for the Upper Black Squirrel Creek Ground Water Management District contract for an aerial survey to determine ability of the ground to hold water (aquifers) for planning future development of the area.

Jun 10        Young Eagles (EAA 72) – postponed due to weather (we’ve had a little rain)

Jun 12        CDOT/FAA PCI Survey (Pavement Condition Index).  Tri-annual inspection to evaluate runway condition for remediation and maintenance planning.  FAA inspection report stated “The overall maintenance of the airport is very good” … a few minor comments to address … “Again, I would like to point out that the overall maintenance of the airport has been very good and we commend your staff for their efforts.”

Jun 12        SRE (Snow Removal Equipment) construction (150-day clock began).  Actual excavation began June 26.  With all the rain, ground water is presenting some challenges, but we are working thru them.

Jun 12        CV-22 visit – postponed due to weather

Jun 14        FAA Flight Check of the new KFLY Instrument Procedures.

Jun 17        EAA 72 Annual Project Tour.  Took several hours to get thru all the projects this year.

Jun 21-23  Colorado Airport Operators Association Spring Conference (in Colorado Springs).  Our attendance coordinated information for future planning.

The following is a recap of what we have accomplished and projects you should see in the coming months.  We will be happy to provide additional information and answer any questions.

Second Quarter 2023 Update


Ø  Runway End Identifier Lights (REILs): (FAA/CDOT grants)  The system has been installed and is operational with the runway lights.  Intensity is controlled with the PCL.  Our thanks to Jviation and Electrical Excellence for this upgrade.  We were recently informed that all our lighting (MIRL/PAPIs/REILs) needs to be flight checked for the instrument approaches.  . . .  flight check pending

The lighting at each end of the main runway will be changed to amber to designate the “caution zone” of an instrument runway.  Laramie, WY is getting new lighting this summer and will donate their old fixtures to us.  . . .  pending

Ø  Instrument Approaches Procedures (IAPs): (FAA grants)  Design of the GPS approaches and Departure Procedures has been completed and flight checked.  The draft proposals can be viewed at the FAA Instrument Approach Gateway.  Publication is now scheduled for October 5th.  MLAA & COS Approach Control will conduct information seminars in the month prior to activation to acquaint local pilots with the new procedures.  . . .  pending publication

Runway Re-designation.  As part of the IAP publication, the turf runway will be re-designated 16G-34G (per FAA request).  . . .  pending

AC 90-66C – Non-Towered Airport Flight Operations.  This revision includes an expanded section of IFR operations at non-towered (“uncontrolled”) airports.  This is an excellent discussion of appropriate and recommended flight procedures at Meadow Lake.  Note that an IFR clearance for approach or departure, DOES NOT give priority for takeoff or landing.  It is still the responsibility of the pilots on instrument clearances to coordinate appropriately.  (There have been several close-calls at Yampa Valley between airliners and corporate aircraft over misunderstand and confusion in this regard).  Please pass this advisory on to your fellow pilots and tenants.

Ø  Runway 15-33 North-end Runway Protection Zone (RPZ): (FAA grant)  We are working with McDonald Paving (the new KOA campground) to split off the 5-acres at the north end of the runway (between Judge Orr & Rt 24).  The Board of Directors has approved a “Letter of Intent” to express our desire to purchase this property.  . . .  pending

Ø  Rt 24/Judge Orr Road intersection:  CDOT has indicated that they will soon be awarding a contract the design of widening Route 24, to include a redesign of the Judge Orr Road intersection and the roads leading up to it.  2023 might also include land acquisition for construction beginning in 2024.  We will be working with the design team & CDOT.  . . .  pending

Ø  MLAA “Planner of Record” and “Engineer of Record”:  At the January Board of Directors meeting we chose Armstrong Consulting to be our Planner and Engineer of Record for the next five years.  . . .  selection complete, putting them to work now J


Meadow Lake Airport Hangar / KFLY Transient/Special Events Ramp

Ø  Meadow Lake Activities Hangar:  With construction of the new SRE building, MLAA will no longer need to use the old Hangar/Restaurant facility for storage of our plows, and EAA Bruce McCombs Chapter 72 needs a location their new Red Bird simulator.  Therefore, the Board is drafting a lease agreement with the EAA chapter for them to assume responsibility for operations and maintenance of the building and scheduling activities.  . . .  in progress

Meadow Lake Hangar Sign:  Mike Berger spent a lot of time designing and painting the new sign on the MLAA Hangar.  Much thanks to him and the EAA crew for hanging it last week.  . . .  complete

Ø  Snow Removal Equipment (SRE): (FAA/CDOT grants)  Jviation has designed and is managing construction of our new SRE maintenance and storage building on the west side.  Hammers Construction was selected to construct the building.  Construction has begun.  . . .  in progress

Ø  Ground Support Equipment (GSE) Storage: (MLAA funds)  The steel frame of an old dairy pole barn was purchased in 2021, with the intent to erect it as a storage barn for our support equipment.  We have 21 vehicles and misc equipment now.  The Board is planning to erect this structure (with membership assistance) after the SRE construction is complete.  . . .  future

Ø  Meadow Lake Terminal Building:  As an alternative to purchasing the Red Barn (see below), we are discussing submitting an application for a grant to build a Terminal Building on the west ramp, to serve transients and provide an airport office.  The terminal could be in the middle of the ramp (just north of the GSE building, and would provide a lounge & restrooms, flight planning area, offices and meeting room.  Recent contact with Guardian Flight indicates that they could expand their operations beyond Children’s Hospital Flight Team to include two other medical flight operations.  . . .  future

Ø  Special Events / Overflow Transient Ramp:  (FAA/CDOT grants)  Expansion/completion of the west-side ramp is currently planned for 2028 (or 2030).  . . .  future


Rudy Welch GA Terminal / KFLY Transient/Tie-down Ramp

Ø  Fencing: (MLAA funds)  A 6 foot chain link along Judge Orr Road from the runway fence to the Red Barn has been erected, and a 4 foot fence has been installed around the expanded vehicle parking lot at the FBO/GA terminal.  A small section of fence was destroyed by an auto accident last month and has been replaced.  . . .  complete

Ø  Parking lot: (MLAA funds)  The “land side” vehicle parking lot has been expanded to accommodate the significant increase in traffic and asphalt millings were spread this spring.  . . .  complete

Ø  Drainage:  Recent rains have resulted in some drainage issues for the expanded operation in the Rudy Welch Terminal building.  We are discussing possible remediation solutions for this.  . . .  pending

Ø  Transient/Tie-down Ramp: (FAA/CDOT grants)  Reconstruction is currently planned for two phases (2024 & 2026).  2024 is also our regular scheduled runway maintenance.  . . .  future

Ø  New well:  The current well is in the vault adjacent to the run-up area for Runway 15.  We are planning to relocate that well with the Ramp Reconstruction, but it is showing signs of deterioration (50+ yrs) and may need to be redrilled sooner than planned.  . . .  future


TURF Runway / Glider Operations

Ø  Turf Runway Re-Designation:  As reported earlier, the FAA computer had problems designing the IAPs to Runway 15/33 with a second parallel runway that didn’t have a separate designation.  Therefore, the Turf Runway is being re-designated to Runway 16G/34G.  . . .  in progress

Ø  Meadow Lake Soaring Center:  Ground leases are being developed for lessees to construct permanent facilities for glider/soaring operations off the Turf Runway.  . . .  in progress

  • Falcon AeroLab (SOAR Foundation): plans are being developed to construct an “Aviation Center of Excellence” STEM high school for their rapidly expanding youth aviation program (powered, unpowered, aircraft maintenance, UAS, cyber)
  • High Flights Soaring Club: developing plans for a storage and maintenance facility for their club aircraft (gliders & tow plane)  diesel
  • Soaring Eagle Foundation:

Ø  Turf Runway Take-off Strip Upgrade:  The present unimproved prairie surface is beating up aircraft propellers and tail wheels.  After completion of the Aerolab facility, we will look at possibilities to upgrade a “take-off strip” in the Turf Runway.  . . .  future


East Side hangar complex / Residential TTF

Ø  Old Red Barn: (SIB loan?)  The Board of Directors has approved a “Letter of Intent” to the owners of the “the old Red Barn” property to express that the MLAA desire to purchase the property.  Our intent is to use the modular office structure for Airport/Association administration and the barn as a vehicle/equipment maintenance facility.  The lot could also be a possible location for the GSE storage shed.  There will be a Special Meeting of the MLAA to discuss and vote on a proposal when a satisfactory agreement is negotiated.  . . .  pending

Ø  Cessna Drive Gate:  The driver that destroyed the Cessna Drive access gate pled guilty to careless driving on Dec 30th and agreed to pay full restitution ($46,148).  We’ll see?  The new gate has arrived and has been installed.  We’re working out some bugs now.  The radio receiver is an older model that is on a different frequency from current models.  While we debate the $$$ for an upgrade, most of your old remotes should work, but only when you get right up to the gate.  . . .  in progress

Ø  Surplus furniture:  Please DO NOT leave surplus furniture along Cessna Drive or the taxiways … especially in front of the mail boxes!!  Not only is it unsightly, but we have hard enough time getting service from the Peyton Post Office, and blocking access to the boxes provides an excuse for them to not deliver.


Ø  El Paso County:

  • 1041: We received our 1041 Permit on Feb 14 and are now updating the County GIS data base with our current Part 77 airspace surfaces (per C.R.S. 43-10-113).  The FAA grant for acquisition of the runway RPZ will also be used to update our Airport Layout Plan, which will be submitted to the County for use in the planning nearby developments.  . . .  in progress
  • Meadow Lake Industrial Park: We are not aware of any additional developments since the BOCC determination that heavy as well as light industrial zoning was acceptable on the SE side of the airport.  We will keep all informed when appropriate support is needed.

Ø  Colorado Division of Aeronautics:

  • Colorado Discretionary Grants

o   22-FLY-01 … CDOT match to SRE Construction and REILs

  • Aug: Annual Surplus Vehicle Sale
  • Sep/Oct: Annual CIP Update (Capital Improvement Program)

Ø  FAA Denver Airport District Office:

  • Airport Improvement Program (AIP) Grants

o   AIP -026 … SRE Design and Oversight

o   AIP -027 … REILs Installation

o   AIP -028 … SRE Construction

o   pending … add’l funding for FAA Flight Check of airport lighting

o   planned (FY-24) … Runway maintenance and Transient Ramp

o   possible … Purchase Runway 15/33 north-end RPZ